The Cliffs in Aboite 
Fort Wayne's newest exclusive real estate subdivision

Villaminiums at The Cliffs in Aboite, Allen County, Indiana.  Aboite Township. Fort Wayne, Indiana on Aboite Center Road.

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See the virtual Villaminium at The Cliffs in Aboite

    Villaminium is a word derived from the words Villa and minimum.   Villa is an Italian word derived from Latin; akin to Latin "village".   The British use of the word Villa is: "a detached urban residence with yard and garden space".   Villaminium is a word that uses the British meaning of Villa and the word "minium", as used in the word Condominium.  A Villaminium is a single, detached home within an area designated to operate as an association to provide common association maintenance, community space and business affairs.

    Villaminium lifestyle requires minimum effort or involvement by the homeowner.  Typically, all lawn maintenance and care, snow removal, eaves cleaning and trash removal are handled by the Home Owners Association.   Some Villaminiums also include exterior building maintenance of the home. 

    Since one lawn service company does all of the lawn care, all yards are done at the same time, giving a very uniform and consistent appearance.  Your neighbor's yard is always kept up as nice as yours.  Villaminium neighborhoods have an impressive appearance.  All lawn care in the neighborhood is done within a day or two and are done at hours that are not disruptive.  No mowing or crews during weekends and evenings.

    Villaminiums, just like Condominiums have an association that oversees the responsibilities of operating the amenities.  There is an association fee that is collected by the association from the individual homeowners that are within the association area.  These collected fees fund the operation of the association. 


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